Sunday, November 12, 2006

Road Trip

Well we finally arrived at Kevin and Amy's in PA. We drove all day yesterday and it took 11 hours. We had a couple detours - once when Scott was driving (I gave correct directions but he missed the turn) and once when I was driving (he gave wrong directions and I followed them). But other than that, we had good weather and no major traffic jams. During our drive, our teens came up with a great game: Rate the Reststop! At every place we stop during our trip, we are coming up with ratings for the categories of Restrooms, Environment, Food, and Service. It is quite entertaining. So far, I think that Kev and Amy have the highest overall rating.

Anyway, today we visited Kev and Amy's church and it was tons of fun. Then we ate at Bertucci's, which was delicious. I still feel full 4 hours later! Well I have been helping Amy fix her blog so definitely check it out!


The Booker Blog said...

Good times, my friend! It was SO nice to get to see you all on your way through. I hope that you had an awesome remainder of your trip and that you weren't too exhausted by the end!! You and Scott rock - you so rock! It was so nice to see you guys with the kids. We were talking about it after you left, and we were saying what a perfect fit you are for this ministry! The kids are blessed to have you! We are blessed to have you as our friends....just wish we could have seen you more. See you at Christmas! I love you, my friend!