Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Good Day

Despite being very busy the past few days, today has been a good day. We got up and went to church this morning. After this, we had lunch with our wonderful friends Steve, Jess, Peter, and Shannon - and Nat, of course. Lunch was so yummy and just a lot of fun to talk and catch up. Then we all headed over to Shamrock Ridge Tree Farm where we all picked out our Christmas trees. How fun! Scott and I opted for a larger tree as usual, while everyone else went for a smaller tree. Then we each loaded up our trees and headed home.

While Scott helped out at Pioneer Clubs tonight, I decided to stay home and relax a bit. I got some cleaning done, laundry, as well as just resting. It's really nice after 4 days of 10-11 hour days at work. Once Scott got home, we put the tree up, although we're waiting to decorate so that we can have a nice, relaxing time.

Well I guess this isn't a real exciting blog. I'm just content tonight to be sitting on my couch, with my sweet doggy curled up next to me, and feeling ready for a new week.


Ana said...

sounds like a lotta fun! i love sundays, now that i don't have to work on sundays anymore. about tomorrow, how does pat's pizza in hampden sound? i haven't been much of a pizza eater since the college trip but i'm really craving their cheese breadsticks, so yeah i'll probably give you a call tomorrow. i would have myspaced you but myspace is having trouble right now and i'm going crazy! haha see you tomorrow!