Saturday, November 24, 2007

Reforming Society and Friendship

Last night, our good friends Peter and Shannon invited us over for Thanksgiving leftovers, along with our friends Steve and Jess. I was so excited because, you see, Scott and I went to two Thanksgiving dinners and did not have any turkey. Scott's dad had requested ham, so we had ham on Thursday. Then my uncle requested ham, so we had ham on Friday. I was bummed because I love turkey and it's Thanksgiving!!!

So, at Peter and Shannon's, I got to have turkey. YAY! Plus, I got to spend the evening hanging with friends. We talked about all kinds of things, but here's a quick overview of our discussion:

  • How Christianity today is not reforming culture; it is either forming a sub-culture or conforming to culture
  • The need for chairs at out church instead of pews, and how that is now possible thanks to a sizeable donation
  • How the education system is failing our children - they get to college and don't know how to read or write well, and they lack life skills
  • What to do about a broken bed
  • The state of missions today, and that many people would rather give money than give of their time
  • How crazy our pets are and all the stories to go with this (and how long it's going to take Peter and Shannon to finally get a cat!)
  • How the church is failing our youth by not helping them deal with serious issues such as premarital sex
  • The next activity we are going to do - which is either go to the Texas Roadhouse followed by a movie, or the dinner theater at a local church
Yup, I think that sums it up in nutshell. Basically, we are going to reform society, the church, the education system, all while having tons of fun with our friends!


The Booker Blog said...

Am I working?

The Booker Blog said...

OH man! So jealous of your guys' time together that night! I LOVE get togethers like that where you talk about everything and anything! Hey - I checked out your business blog today for the first time! So cool! Give me a couple of years, Esther. Seriously. Love you, my friend! Keep me posted on life and all your goings on. :0) Got your message the other day. Love you! Let's chat soon!

The Booker Blog said...

Esther - you rock! You totally do. Now you have been entrusted with our super secret data. Feel special? Thanks for fixing me! Love ya!