Monday, June 09, 2008

Coming Along

Here I am at 18 weeks pregnant. Things are coming along. I am finally showing (a little bit), and I am now needing to wear maternity clothes, since now of my regular clothes are fitting. I went shopping with Sarah, who is about 5 weeks behind me, on Saturday and we scored some great stuff. The thing I am most excited about is the "belly band", which you can put over your regular clothes and hide the fact that you have your pants unbuttoned ; )

Anyway, the best part right now is getting to feel the baby move. I love laying there at night with my hand on my stomach, feeling all the little squirms and kicks. So cool! We will be having our 20 week ultrasound on June 23rd, which is actually my 21st week. So I think we're going to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl, which will be exciting... my guess is a boy.

Well I am off to youth group and hanging out with lots of kids!


Sarah said...

Wore my belly band today. LOVING it! It lends to a much smoother profile than the elastic keeping my pants buttoned and I was never afraid my pants were going to fall down :)

For the record...that belly bump picture you have up there is a wee bit deceiving because there is a shadow that makes you look bigger than you really are. And I kinda suspect your sticking it out a little because you still look quite tiny in person ;) Either that or the camera really does add ten pounds :)

meaningfulalbums said...

I agree - the shadow is rather deceiving. I was also pulling the shirt tight so that it showed my profile. Plus, I think I look bigger at night for some reason and this was taken at night.

Sarah said...

I totally agree with the bigger at night thing!

Life With My Boys..... said...

Ooooooohhhhh! You look SO beautiful!