Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days when...

  • Scott was gone from 8:30am till 9:00pm, and I really could've used his help!
  • I tried to do too many things and felt like I didn't get anything done.
  • Kirsten was into everything and I couldn't look away for 2 seconds.
  • Kirsten wasn't happy unless she was into everything.
  • I had piles of dishes to do... got a few of them done, but still more to do.
  • I had piles of laundry to fold & put away, and more piles to do, and did neither putting away nor washing/drying.
  • You want to have lunch but it takes you 2.5 hours just to get to eat.
  • I felt like crying and did.
  • I was happy to see the sun but was stinkin' HOT and wished I had A/C.
  • Just when I thought it wasn't going to get any worse, I walked into the kitchen to find dog puke on the floor and on the carpeted cat stand.
  • Kirsten should've gone to sleep by 7:30 but at about 8:15 I gave up and just let her play on the floor.
Thankfully, Scott got home and rescued me. And my day got a lot better. Scott got Kirsten to sleep in about 5 minutes. I ate dinner. At 9pm. And now I'm going to have a big bowl of Moose Tracks ice cream and then go to bed.


Sarah said...

BLAH! I have nothing else to say that except Ughh!

And no we're not doing another deal. We feel quite burned by car dealers and it's just not worth it. Maybe this was God's "no". So we're fixing the truck and gonna drive it till it won't drive no more!