Monday, September 21, 2009

Kirsten Meets Her Great-Grandparents Pier

My Grandparents Pier (my dad's parents) live in North Carolina, so they have never had the chance to meet Kirsten - until yesterday. I was so excited when they decided to come visit Maine for a special event going on here in the area, both because I would get to see them and because Kirsten would get to meet them! So on Sunday, I took Kirsten and we went to church at CPC, where I went growing up, since Grandma and Grandpa were going to be there. Then after church, we went back to my grandmother Lawrence's home for lunch. Thankfully Kirsten took her nap after church, so when she woke up, she was super-cute, and she thoroughly entertained all of us! Here are a few of my favorite photos of this first meeting!


Sarah said...

Teared up a little bit when I saw these on facebook and read the caption "...won't get to see my dad until heaven..." I don't stop to think about it too often. Great pictures! So excited that my paternal grandma and aunt are coming to visit from MN in a few weeks! Will be the first time they've seen Ella in person too!