Friday, April 21, 2006

Busyness and House Woes

Ok, my posting has been, well, non-existent lately. Sorry - to all 2 of you who read my blog.

Anyway, life has been busy. Very exciting weekend a few weeks ago, with a great scrapbooking retreat followed by seeing my very good friend's baby 1 day old! Seems like since then everything's been a blur.

One of the things that's been taking up my time is working on home improvements. My husband and I bought an old home that was mostly in need of cosmetic repairs, but it still seems to be never-ending. Earlier this week I painted the kitchen ceiling, as well as the trim. I have another coat to do on the trim, as it is a darker color. Scott spent time putting up the trim in the bathroom, and it is beginning to look almost complete in there. Of course, we need to buy more trim, fill in nail holes on the trim, paint the trim, paint the ceiling... yes, the list goes on. We also finally have a door on the bathroom closet, and Scott painted that white - it looks so much better now! But yes, that needs a 3rd coat...

We've also been dealing with a water pressure issue since we bought the house (one of the non-cosmetic issues we were unaware of before buying) - as in, we have no water pressure. Yes, taking a shower is sort of like standing under a small trickle - you have to really work at getting wet. Anyway, my goal is to get that fixed soon. And of course we have the lovely outdoors to work on as well. I am planning a trip to Surry Gardens with my mother in law on Sunday, and looking forward to picking out some plants to add to my feeble attempt at gardening. We shall see what comes up this year after the strange winter we had in Maine.

Well I guess that's all. If you read this far, I am truly surprised. This is an extremely boring post tonight.


Kelsey said...

I read it.

Katie said...

so did i!!! :)