Friday, April 28, 2006

Email Etiquette

Ok, so the other morning I was on my way to work and listening to "Maine in the Morning" on 103.9 (I know Jess, you can shoot me later) and they were talking about email in the workplace, etc. It was about not emailing jokes in the workplace, spell checking before sending, NOT TYPING IN ALL CAPITALS, etc. All the things you shouldn't do in business or workplace emails. Like type incomplete sentences.

ANYWAY, I was at work the other day and my co-worker told me a very funny story. **Note**Somewhat inappropriate but funny story to follow.

So my co-worker, we'll call her Sara, was up late the other night. She is in the process of getting licensed as an LCSW for the state of Maine, and she was wanting to make sure she was aware of everything she needs to do. So she wrote an email (late at night) to the licensure board to clarify what she could do after graduating to expedite the process. She wanted to "get her ducks in a row". But, instead of typing "u" in the word "ducks", she typed an "i". She hit send before realizing what she had done, and then began to freak out a bit. Wouldn't you?

Moral of the story... spell check your emails before sending them, especially to very important people who may be deciding your future...


Ana said...

my dad likes to listen to 103.9 in the morning too. i find it pretty boring so i always try to get in the car first so i can put it on one of my country stations. we fight about it a lot lol, he doesn't like country very much and i can't stand to listen to a station that doesn't play music.