Saturday, September 08, 2007

Attack of the Killer Bee

Today we had another "work day", and this time we had help! Kevin, Mary, and Pete came to help us. Pete fixed our lawnmower (yay!) and Kevin and Mary helped us tear out the sheetrock in our dining room. Very wonderful! It was pretty messy, but now it's all down from the entire dining room. Scott and I even got the insulation started after the others left.

So, you're probably wondering - where does the title of my blog come into this picture? Well, I made some very yummy pizzas for lunch to thank everyone for helping us. Since the dining room in not exactly usable right now, we sat outside on our camp chairs, lawnmower, and cooler to eat lunch. We were all enjoying our food and drink while trying to ignore the whining puppy, when a bee started flying around us. It started near Pete, buzzing around his head and even flying into the pocket of his shirt!

Just as we thought it was leaving Pete alone, it came back and started flying around Scott. It quickly left Scott and then came over to me. It started buzzing around my hair, and I tried to stay still and not freak out. Then, it flew to the other side of my head and stung me in the ear!!! I jumped up and ran inside to examine my injury and escape the bee. Mary soon followed, as she did not want to get stung. The guys then tried to kill the darn thing, but they couldn't get it. Mia even participated by barking while Kevin swung his hands around trying to kill it.

Meanwhile, I was checking out my ear, which was now turning red and swollen and also hurting quite badly. I applied some ice and finished my lunch. Once things settled down outside, Mary and I made our way back outside to have a little more to eat and enjoy the fresh air. I moved my chair over next to the dogs so that they didn't have to be lonely, and about 2 seconds later, the bee came back near me! I then jumped up and went inside for good.

We really don't know what was wrong with that bee. We did nothing to antagonize it, but yet it felt the need to attack us - especially me! I don't know what it is, but bugs and bees seem to be attracted to me. Thankfully, I survived the attack of the killer bee.


Jason and Sarah said...

That's so exciting that the renovations are under way. We know what it's like! Let us know if you ever want help some weekend. Jason's a great drywaller and we both can lay some mean laminate! :)

Jason and Sarah said...

Hey, do you want to use the old template I was using? Because I really wanted to change mine to the one you changed yours to, but didn't want to copy YOU! haha

Cheryl said...

I hear you on the bee thing! This summer while trying to dispatch a mouse my dog had half-killed, I was attacked by bees (or wasps?). There was a big nest that I had seen hanging on the underside of the eaves. Yikes. They sure do hurt, don't they? Maybe your bee was defending a hive somewhere. Look around for a hive or nest in your trees, in the eaves of your house, and in the ground. I had to attack mine with a couple of cans of wasp spray. And good luck on your house renovations, too!