Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's My Birthday...

Ok, so yesterday was my birthday. So I figured I should share my thoughts about that day. First off, if you haven't figured it out, my birthday is September 11th, which is also the anniversary of a tragic event in the U.S. It was a horrible day for our country, and I don't ever want to forget what happened 6 years ago. I hope that we all continue to honor and remember those who sacrificed on that day as well as those who were murdered by terrorists.

So, on to more upbeat topics. I started my birthday waking up to my amazing husband, and that was great. Then I showered, and realized that I was feeling much better than the previous few days. After that, I went back upstairs and received my birthday gifts from Scott, nicely wrapped in a New York & Co bag... OK, so I picked out my birthday gifts, but I did have to wait to open them. So I wore my new pants to work and felt quite stylish. Work went well, and I realized how happy I am to have this new job and the freedom to work part time.

After work, I headed home and played with the dogs. I also made a few calls for my business while waiting for Scott to get home. Once he was home, he shaved and got dressed up (!) to go out. I still didn't know what we were doing. We drove into Bangor and by the direction we were headed, I figured we must be going to Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, or Applebees. I thought we probably wouldn't go to the Roadhouse cause we went there recently, and I thought that if we were going to Applebee's, I'd have to kill him because that's his favorite restaurant, not mine.

It turned out that we were going to the Olive Garden. We had some scrumptious food (I tried a new dish - a shrimp and asparagus dish but I traded the shrimp for scallops) and great conversation. Then we went shopping at Target where we bought some great throw pillows (my choice) and a couple movies (Scott's choice).

Finally, I ended my birthday night by watching Big Brother - a very shallow but entertaining show!

So, thank you to everyone who called, emailed, or said Happy Birthday yesterday OR today (Jess and Steve). And, thank God for my wonderful husband, family, pets, friends, business, job, and so much more!


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