Thursday, February 14, 2008

14 Things I Love

Ok, Amy did this so I feel that I should too. It's a fun little game. Since today is Valentine's Day, and it's the 14th of the month, you write out 14 things you love. So here I go:

1. My hubby! He is super-awesome and I am so blessed to have him. Tonight he warmed up a hot pocket for me and it was just so sweet. (We're going out to dinner tomorrow night so as to avoid the crazy Valentine's crowd).
2. My doggies. Yes, I do love Moxie and Mia. They add a lot of fun to our lives, and even though they (mostly Moxie) can be incredibly naughty, I still love 'em. It's funny to see them play together as well as get jealous of each other when we give one of them attention.
3. Can't forget my sweet kitty - Kira. She is snuggly and I love how she usually curls up against my legs at night to sleep.
4. Friends - Shan, Jess, Amy, Sarah, and many many more. I love the fact that each of you have impacted my life in one way or another. I feel blessed to have such awesome friends.
5. My family - Mom, Naomi, and all my other extended family. I am glad that me and my sister get along a lot better now. And my mom is a friend and business partner, and I love her!
6. Our youth group kids - I love all the students that come to Beyond Existence! They teach me a lot about life, about what's important, and about how to keep my life in balance.
7. My business - I have been so blessed to have been introduced to my company and business in November of 2006. It has been a lot of fun not only achieving my own wellness goals but also helping others achieve theirs. I also love my support team who have helped me achieve these goals and the fact that Sheila promoted to Senior Director today!
8. Being outdoors. I love going for hikes, spending time by the ocean, camping under the stars, and seeing all the beautiful sights.
9. Traveling. I love going to new places and old favorites as well. Particularly Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Cuba. I'd love to go to Colombia sometime, as well as Europe, New Zealand, the Caribbean, and Hawaii.
10. Playing games. Current faves are "Settlers of Catan", "Cranium", and "Scrabble." I also love "Mafia" which I was first introduced to on LASP.
11. My job. I really enjoy my foster care job - I love the flexible schedule, working only part-time, and my supervisor and boss. On Friday, I had to go in and help with a crisis, and that is usually my day off. My boss gave me a card on Tuesday that said "Queen of Everything" : ) and also gave me a gift card to Dunkin Donuts. It's nice to be appreciated!
12. Reminiscing. Sometimes it's fun to look back at the past and realize how much you've changed. Or just watching old tv shows, such as "Saved by the Bell" on netflix. Ah, the late '80s, early '90s. Those were some crazy years.
13. Yummy food. Yes, I am in love with food. I am trying to eat healthier nowadays, but I still love pizza, tacos, Italian food, and Mexican food (On the Border!). It's fun to eat. ; )
14. Life in general. I am thankful for the life God has given me. Although there have been some hard times, I feel that the good has far outweighed the bad. I am looking forward to continuing to live life to the fullest!


The Booker Blog said...

OHHHH Yaaaay! Great pics! Nice fourteen, my friend! Much love! Lovin' your updates, lately. The swear title especially got me laughing! You rebel, you! Hey, guess what? I have done 35 pages in my scrapbooks, lately! Whoo-hoo!