Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Politics, Politics, So Confusing!

As a child and teenager, I really wasn't into politics. I didn't understand it, and I didn't care. But once I got to college and then especially during my time in Central America, I realized that politics were important. Even so, I still agree with MXPX - Politics are so confusing!

On Saturday, I attended my first caucus. I went because I wanted to make my voice heard. With the Republican race so tight, I wanted to do my best to keep McCain off the Republican ticket. It was a very interesting experience. It started at 1pm, and much of the time was spent with announcements and people running for state office asking for our support. Anyway, once it finally came to do the caucus, we were supposed to be with our town. However, what ended up happening was a lot of standing around and waiting for someone to tell us where to go. Finally, I found the other Glenburnites and we all sat down. We realized that none of us had ever been at a caucus before, and therefore none of us knew what we were doing. Somehow I was elected secretary of the caucus, and therefore I ended up taking notes and I still have to type them up and send them in.

Well, after all was said and done, Glenburn actually had a majority for Huckabee (not me - I went for Romney), but Romney took the state with 52%. Of course, we get no national media coverage since we are such a small state, but I was still surprised with the vote, given that we are a very independent state with very "moderate" Republican Senators.

So now I'm sitting here on Super Tuesday waiting to find out who will end up with the nomination. Of course, it might not be decided tonight - in fact I hope it's not! It's looking good since Huckabee has actually taken a few of the southern states, with McCain even losing West Virginia with only 1% of the vote! Many people were ready to hand McCain the nomination, but perhaps the conservative voters are getting out and voting for Romney or Huckabee instead of the non-conservative McCain.

Well I think that's all the politics my brain can handle today. I am hoping that tomorrow will bring good news that McCain is not necessarily the nominee on the Republican side.


Shannon said...

Imagine that, Esther, you being in a group and ending up in charge! :) tee hee hee

meaningfulalbums said...

hey, I wasn't in charge - I was just the secretary. I was not the chairperson, who was really in charge. But somehow I got stuck with all the work...

Katie said...

Haha-- your phrase about "keeping McCain off the ticket" made me smile. Thanks for doing your part! When did we start having caucuses, anyway?!?

meaningfulalbums said...

I know, I never even realized that Maine had a part in choosing the candidate... but that goes back to my ignorance in politics. Yes, every state has either a primary or caucus. Maine has a caucus, but most people don't participate. This year, though, there was a very large turnout which is probably why it was so disorganized!