Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trip Update #1

Well I am finally in a place where I have some internet access for longer than 5 minutes. So here is my update on our College Trip with the youth group.

Day #1: Leave the church at about 8:30am and head out. Drive to Newport where I begged Scott to stop at Dunkin Donuts because I was already hungry. We went through the drive through and I ordered a bagel with cream cheese on the side and a decaf coffee with sugar (no cream). I tried to tell Scott not to drive away yet so that I could make sure the order was correct, but it was too late. I got 2 donuts instead of my bagel. So, we pulled out into traffic and back into DD where I went inside to get my correct order. I did this, and then went back out to the van, where I realized that they gave me my order with NO knife (how will I spread the cream cheese???) and NO napkin!!! URGH! So I went back inside and got those items and determined that the customer service at Newport Dunkin Donuts was pretty sucky. They did not even apologize for all the things they did wrong! Ok, after that we picked up one of the students at the next exit. Then we drove for a while and had to stop and get gas. After that we stopped to pick up my mini co-sleeper that I bought for $65 (a total steal)!! The guy also had a very good quality car seat which new costs $200, and he sold it to us for $35. So even though we already have a car seat, we decided to get it so that we would have two - one for each vehicle. Plus the fact that it was so cheap for such a good quality...
Anyway, we arrived at Gordon around 1:30pm and got settled there. It was such a beautiful day and it was great to be back at Gordon. After the info session, the teens all got to go to a class. Then after that, we ditched the kids and Scott and I went to a local beach and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Plus it was my b-day so it was nice to just relax a bit. Then Scott and I went to Bertucci's for dinner to celebrate my birthday. YUMMM! Scott and I then went to stay at our friend's Kellie & Justin's in Gloucester. It was so sweet of them to open their home to us and we had a great time hanging out, even though it was for a short time. Kellie gave me some great advice on cloth diapers, which was very helpful!
Day #2: Breakfast at Gordon followed by an info session and then a tour. After that we headed out to Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, MA. It was a small campus and we weren't there for long. Most of the kids decided they didn't really like ENC too much, but it was still good to visit for comparison sake. One bad thing was that we got a parking ticket there because we parked on the street and apparently we weren't supposed to. After this we began driving and that continued for the ENTIRE day! Lots of traffic jams in Hartford, past Hartford, in New York, then in New Jersey, etc. Oh boy. Plus it poured much of the drive which made the driving a bit more challenging. Scott and I took turns but it was still a long drive. We did not get to our hotel until 11:45pm. I was extremely ready for bed and a bit grumpy at that point, so I was thankful to lay down and rest. The girls all slept in one room and the boys were in the next room over.
Day #3: Breakfast at the Comfort Inn and getting ready for the day. Then we headed to Eastern University where we had a great tour with a fun tour guide named Nick. The campus was just beautiful and we had a great day weatherwise. Then we met up with Amy from church for a few minutes. After that we headed to the King of Prussia mall for lunch and shopping. I found a WAAAY cute baby clothing shop called Janie & Jack. If I were rich, I would definitely buy some clothes there!!! After the mall we came back to my sister's apartment where we have been hanging ever since. The kids all played Nintendo wii and the boys played with their new Nerf guns, which was quite loud and annoying. We had pizza for dinner and all chilled out afterwards. Then the boys left to go to where they are staying tonight, and now us girls are just hanging and talking and laughing a lot!

So there you have it. The first 3 days are done, and we have 3 more to go!