Sunday, September 07, 2008

Yes, we really are having a baby

As I spent the past few days sorting through MOUNDS of baby clothing, the reality of having a baby became even more real. I looked at all the little onesies, dresses, shoes, and blankets, and I realized that soon my little girl will be needing to wear these things in less than 2 months! It was honestly a little overwhelming as I sat there - mostly because of the shear amount of clothing that I was surrounded by! I determined just to get through the pile so that I could pass on what I didn't want to some friends. Then I decided to wash the rest of it and sort it according to approximate sizes so that when we get a dresser, I can organize it that way. Suffice it to say, we are not in need of any clothes! I feel like even if the baby was born tomorrow, we'd have clothes to last us at least 2 years : ) However, I did give in and buy just one cute outfit that I had been eying at Target. It was on sale today, and there were not many left. So I went ahead and spent the $10. However, I won't be buying anything else! Here's a photo of that cute outfit, and one other dress that I absolutely love that I received at my shower.
In addition to the clothing, we also have received many other items so far. Some of it is new and some is used. Here is the list of what we have so far:

  • Crib - thanks Matt & Elisha!!
  • Glider rocking chair - thanks Holly & Gary!
  • Baby swing - thanks Holly & Gary!
  • High chair - thanks Doug & Lori!
  • Bounce in Comfort seat - thanks Aunt Brenda & Uncle Norman!
  • Car Seat & Stroller set - thanks Mom & Grandma!
  • Swing for a tree - thanks Doug & Lori!
Here's an updated photo of me at 31 weeks - not my favorite photo but I'll still post it.


Jessica said...

You look great and I love the outfits! Boy in a couple of months I'm going to have so many choices of babies to hold! What is one to do!!!!

Katie said...

Oh, goodness, Esther, you are soooo super-cute. Seriously. That SHOULD be your favorite photo. ;)