Saturday, October 18, 2008

House Projects and Such

I am sitting here on my couch utterly exhausted. Why, you ask? Well, I am exhausted because I spent most of the day painting the trim in my dining room. AND because I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant and getting tireder by the day... But alas, my dining room can finally go back to actually being a place where people can sit down and eat instead of a room full of furniture, boxes, and a bunch of other stuff shoved in the middle of the room. The nice thing about today was that my mom came over and helped me out a lot - she did all of my dishes, cleaned the windows and door in my kitchen, vacuumed upstairs, folded laundry, and more. Plus Scott's mom came and then all 3 of us were painting for a while. Meanwhile, Scott's and his dad worked outside on the front porch and actually finished it! Now I just want to pick up some pumpkins to decorate the front door. It looks much more inviting now and perhaps we'll even have some trick or treaters... that is if we are home at that time : )

Well anyway, we also had a big work day last Saturday with a bunch of people from our church which was so helpful! We definitely would not have everything done that we have now if those people hadn't come last weekend.

The best part is that the baby nursery is finally coming together! I will post some photos soon, but I feel much better now because we have some shelving up as well as some cubbies for all the clothing and such. Plus the crib is all arranged how I want it, and I have my bookshelf with a little library started! The only thing we have to do now is get the mini co-sleeper attached to our bed sometime in the next few days. That way when we bring the baby home, we won't have to fuss with getting that set up.

Another good thing about today was that my step father was able to turn up the heat on our hot water today, so it actually is hot now instead of lukewarm!!! I am soooo excited because at this very moment I am running my bath so that I can soak and relax! Yay!!!!


Anonymous said...

yay for hot water in the mean shower!!!! lol i'm looking forward to hanging out with moxie and mia while you guys are at the hospital, they definitely are entertaining!


meaningfulalbums said...

Yes, Ana, you will enjoy the shower much more this time than before! We'll be giving you a call sometime soon...