Saturday, January 17, 2009


Oh, the pressure! Not the pressure of being a mom, paying the bills, or getting places on time. No, that's not the pressure I'm referring to. It's the water pressure! URGH! Ever since we moved into our house (5 years ago this month), we have had water pressure issues. I've been able to adjust and manage for most of those 5 years. And it's not just the pressure - it's also the temperature. Not so hot. So last fall, my mom was here helping prepare for our new little arrival, and she was appalled at both the pressure and the temperature. So my stepfather helped out and got the temperature thing fixed - apparently all we needed to do was turn up the mixing valve to totally hot. Anyway, that also helped the pressure issue for a while because it was SO HOT that we had to add in cold to take a shower, wash dishes, etc. And the cold has lots of pressure.

But recently, like in the past 2 weeks, the hot water has become worse than EVER before! It's a trickle. Seriously people, a trickle. Like it takes over 45 minutes for the washing machine to fill up for a SMALL load of hot. And taking a bath... forget it! Definitely over an hour and even then it's not even half full. So your ankles might be covered with water, but nothing else.

So once again, mom to the rescue! She talked to a plumber that she knows and he is over here right now. Who knows if he'll be able to fix anything - but the good thing is that he is charging us a lot less than he usually does. Big help! Anyway, I'll keep you posted on the pressure issues... I'm praying for a miracle because I'd really like to take an actual shower that is both warm AND having pressure (rather than the choice of a scalding hot trickle vs. freezing cold full pressure)!


Naomi said...

Oh dear....we don't have the pressure issue but we have the temperature issue. I go to fill up the bathtub, and it runs for about 30 seconds before it gets lukewarm, then cold. So I let it run the hot, then turn it off for 10 minutes or so. Then run the hot again, then turn it off. In the meantime, I'm able to boil a few pots of water so I can add this to the tub. Boo, no fun...I hear ya. For some reason when we shower it stays hot.

Kevin and Amy said...

Hey Sweets! If you're planning on coming over tomorrow take your shower at our place again.....and you can stay in and linger for as loooooong as you want! We've got the hotel heat and pressure. :0) Loves.....Oh I would HATE that!

Anonymous said...

ah yes, i was not so fond of your shower myself. i got to the point where i had turn it all the way to hot and let it warm up, then turn it back to cold where the pressure was better and wash as much as i could before the water cooled down again. once it cooled down i had to repeat the process again. kat (my friend who stayed with me a couple nights) was not too fond of it either. and she definitely wasn't fond of the dogs trying to lick her when she got out hehe. good times all around!

Anonymous said...

whoops forgot to add that that last comment was from me (Ana).