Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where have all the good baggers gone??

Today I took advantage of my awesome friend Amy who babysat Kirsten while I worked from 9-2. After work I called her to find out if she was cool with me doing my groceries before picking Kirsten up, since grocery shopping without a 3 month old tends to be much faster and easier than with one! So I did my best to get through Hannaford as quickly as possible and without spending a fortune (I succeeded only at the first task). As I was checking out, one of life's unanswered questions came to my mind again: "Where have all the good baggers gone?" I remember the days when the bagger smiled and asked you how you were doing. Then they intelligently bagged your groceries and put them in your cart. Sometimes they even asked you if you needed help out to your car. Instead, this is how it went:
No personality bagger boy bagged my groceries similar to how a 4 year old would. Oh no, I take that back, I know some toddlers (namely the very organized Natalie) who could have done a better job. He put cans in with cereal boxes, bagels in with jars of pasta sauce, and so on. I think the only thing he did right was put all the veggies in the same bag. Then when he put the stuff in the cart, it somehow took up at least 50% more space then when I had them in the cart (this is probably due to his inability to group like items together). Finally, no personality bagger boy walked away without a simple "have a nice day" while leaving medium personality checkout boy to hand me the last bag of groceries. So I am supposed to be putting away my receipt, carrying my purse, and finding somewhere in the overloaded cart to put my last bag. Oh the joys. Anyway, I thankfully made it out without too much trouble, but as I tried to load my car with the randomly loaded grocery bags, I found myself wondering what happened to the good baggers of the old days??? Don't even get me started on customer service!


Sarah said...

Oh My Gosh, SO true! Last time I shopped the girl (I kid you not) put every single canned good (aprox 8 cans) AND two jars of pasta sauce in the same single bag. She then put two bags of flour and a bag of sugar in the same bag! while she chatted with the next bagger over about the latest boy drama at her high school!

Naomi said...

I bag my own groceries when I go to Trader Joe's. The cashiers are super friendly and make sure I found everything I needed that day. If I didn't (and they have the item), they ring a big bell and someone goes and gets the item for me. They will also bag it for you, but I usually do it while they ring me up. And if you bring in bags to reuse, they enter you in a monthly raffle for a free bag of groceries. I love Trader Joes! I hope you guys get one soon...

Katie said...

Hahaha-- "no personality boy." Awesome.

On another note, I think sometimes they try to split up cans so that the bags don't fall apart. I'd hate it if that were to happen . . . cans plummetting all over my feet.

Also, TOTALLY unrelated to this post. . . . I LOVE the photo of Kirsten at the top of your page! :)