Friday, October 05, 2007


That's ahhhhhh in a good way. Scott and I are in Rockport, Mass on our little getaway! It's so wonderful. We drove down yesterday after I got out of work. Before we left, we had a big answer to prayer with Moxie. We hadn't found anyone to keep him, so we were having to take him to a kennel, which I didn't really want to do. Anyway, a family from our church emailed and said they could take him, and so we cancelled the kennel reservation and had him go there instead. Yay! Thanks Karen and Scott! They have 2 older labs, and so they already know all about raising a dog. Anyway, that was a big answer to prayer, and when I called to check on him tonight, Karen said he'd been swimming in their pond and having all sorts of fun.

So back to the trip... on the way down after stopping to eat at On the Border, I called our B&B to let them know we'd be later than planned. When I called, they didn't have us down for a reservation! I was so confused, because I knew I called two weeks ago and made the reservation. Well, thankfully they still had the room open and we were fine. When we arrived, they had found the reservation, so I was relieved to know that I wasn't calling the wrong place.

Today we spent the day relaxing and having fun. We started by going shopping in downtown Rockport, which is fairly small but has tons of cute shops. We also climbed out on a bunch of rocks and took tons of pics of the birds. Then we went to Pebble Beach in Rockport, which was absolutely beautiful!!!! It was about 80 degrees today, so if I had brought my swim suit I probably would've gotten in the water. I left the beach with a burn on my neck and arms. I knew I was forgetting something.... sunscreen! As we were walking down the beach, Scott remarked at how crazy it was that this is October.

After that, we headed to Beverly for a late lunch at Bertucci's.... yummmmmm. I'm eating the leftover Silano pizza right now. Then, we headed to Gordon and met up with Abby L. Yay! We walked around the new and improved "Fowler Campus" (named after the couple who just donated $60 million to the school), spent time in the bookstore, and just enjoying reminiscing about my college years. Then we took Abbs on a trip to one of my fave spots during my college years - The Cliffs of Magnolia. It's a little known spot in the town of Magnolia, but it's so beautiful... I'll post the pics when I get home.

Then we headed to Captain Dusty's ice cream for some homemade ice cream - another favorite place from the college years. I couldn't even finish it because they gave me so much. Anyway, after the treat we took Abby back to Gordon and then came back to our B&B. Since then, we've been watching a movie, reading, talking, and now I'm going to hop into the jacuzzi tub. Yup, it's a rough life....