Sunday, October 21, 2007


I am not a good dancer. Growing up in a conservative Pentecostal family, dancing was a "sin". Even when I was in high school and my family wasn't quite so rigid, I still didn't learn to dance. That was mainly due to going to a Christian school where dancing was also not allowed. Of course, my friends and I would have our sleepovers and dance the night away - but in the privacy of our own bedrooms. I never learned to truly dance.

During college, dancing was okay. I went to a Christian college, but they had dances and such. Again, I usually just went for the social piece and didn't really dance. If I did, I probably looked ridiculous. And, my boyfriend/fiance at the time was not around (he was several states away), so I definitely didn't do any slow dancing.

At my wedding, there was no dancing. Mostly because of not having the space at the reception center (it was a low budget wedding) and because my grandparents probably would've keeled over if there had been dancing. Scott and I went to other weddings with dancing, and I made a feeble attempt when dragged onto the dance floor with my hubby.

I think I've gotten a little better with this dancing thing over the years, but I've still got a long way to go. I've been on a few trips with mostly women (business trips) that involved dancing, and I did give it a try then. But that was okay because there were other people who looked just as unskilled at dancing as I am.

So, last night Scott and I were at at wedding, and some of our friends were there too. We did dance a few times, but we were really put to shame by the Mexicans who were there (the groom was Mexican). It was so fun to watch them. I could picture myself doing all the moves, but then when I'm out there, I'm probably looking like a fool.

Oh well. One area in which I have truly changed over the years is how little I care about what others think about me. It's fun to dance - so who cares if I look ridiculous? I managed to get my hubby out there for one faster song (which I prefer to dance to), but then he left me. I stayed out there dancing with Peter and Shannon and random other people. Fun.

Well my friends, when are we going to take those dancing lessons? We want to follow in Jason and Sarah's footsteps - literally.


Jason and Sarah said...

Yeah, Jason has set the bar! You other CCOD boys gotta step it up now!