Monday, October 15, 2007

Headaches and such

Well I am so bummed because today did not go as planned at all. The first part of the day did - got up, showered, went to meet with someone for my business, came home. But by the time I was home, I started to feel my headache coming back. It had started Saturday and therefore I hadn't done much Saturday other than the youth group Harvest party. Well, it was feeling better yesterday, but it came back today. So I took a medication with my lunch, but I didn't notice much change.

Then, after lunch, I decided to lay down instead of work on my business. I just felt like I couldn't make my calls because I couldn't really think straight. Urgh. Anyway, I layed down and ended up sleeping for 3 hours!!! Crazy. When I finally woke up, I felt a little better but still a little funky. Mostly it's my head, but I think that all the work we're doing here at our house is causing me to have some sinus/chest issues and that's really annoying. So I took care of the dogs and started to get ready for youth group. Then I realized that I really didn't feel up to going out, which is frustrating because I hate missing youth group. I miss being with the kids, so I really hope that everything went okay. I'm now sitting here deciding if I can eat something for dinner... I'm hungry but I want to eat something that will help me feel better.

Anyway, I guess this is a weird post... all to say that I hate getting these headaches (which the doctors have told me are migraines) and I'd like to find out what is causing them. I also hate it when I don't accomplish what I wanted to for the day, but I know the world won't come to an end and I can work on some things tomorrow evening. Hopefully I'll feel better by then!


Kelsey said...

Aww... I hope you feel better now.

Katie said...

Oh, Esther. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling icky. Praying you feel better soon . . .