Sunday, March 05, 2006


My lack of posting recently is due to a few reasons. One is that I left for Minneapolis the week before last on Wednesday evening and did not return home until Monday morning. I then spent a few moments with my hubby before he headed to work. Then I had to unpack and also spend time organizing my thoughts from the weekend - a really great training for Creative Memories. On Tuesday I headed to work at 7am, and did this for the rest of the week until Friday. I was the only supervisor (well, the other supervisor is brand new and still in training) at the group home, and I was also on call. So the week was busy. Then, Friday I left work at 1 to run home, pack up, and head to Snow Camp.

I have returned home from Snow Camp EXHAUSTED. Snow Camp was great - 29 kids and 5 leaders on the side of Blueberry Mountain in western Maine. Lots of time to spend with the kids (teens actually), focusing on their relationship with God and also having tons of fun. It was great. But inevitably we come back tired and ready for some down time. Our leader team decided the appropriate intervention for this was going out to eat at the Texas Roadhouse. Yes, a good steak and lots of yummy bread can solve just about anything.

Well now I'm at home, trying to make sure bills are paid and that I have clean clothes to wear. Yup, back up for 7am again tomorrow at work. I can't wait till Thursday when my boss returns and I can go back to my regular schedule!!! Woohoo... Thankfully, there's been no major crises since she's been gone, at least to my knowledge. Everything could be different when I go in tomorrow morning. I'll sign off for now, but I'll try to be more consistent with my bogging this week.