Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Responsibility is an interesting thing. When it works to our advantage, we take full credit for it. However, when it means we might have to face something difficult, we shy away from it.

I had an interesting experience at work today. As a new supervisor amongst a group of employees, I am finding new challenges every day. One in particular is that many staff don't want to take responsiblity for passing on changes or decisions made to the clients. They, instead, believe that I (a supervisor) or one of the other supervisors should be doing this. In a sense, I can see their perspective. I have been there myself. There have been decisions made in other work settings that I have had to enforce and/or pass on to others. It's not always fun. However, it was part of my job. And so it seems, some people don't want to have to face the client's reaction to these decisions. And it's so minor, I can hardly even believe that they are getting upset about it.

The bottom line is, they want to be "buddies" or "friends" with the clients, and want the supervisors to be the "bad guys". That way, they will still be liked and "fun". Well, sorry - that's not what we're paying you to do. And the fact is, I have given info to the clients on many occassions - difficult info - which they have somehow managed to accept. Perhaps it's in the presentation? Perhaps it's going into it knowing that you can handle it and that the kid is probably gonna blow off steam and then be fine. Who knows...

Well, that's my soap box for the day. I think we all have parts of our job that aren't "fun", and we all need to recognize our responsiblities and own up to them - good or bad.