Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A good day

Today has been a good day. One of the biggest reasons it's been a good day is because I got to sleep in! I love sleeping in, but I don't do it often anymore. It was nice to just lay in bed with my hubby and our cat curled up at our feet with the rain drizzling outside our window. Once I decided I could manage to wake up, I went downstairs to get ready for the day. I looked outside and noticed that our mailbox had disappeared. It disappeared into the ditch. Great... So I talked to Scott and we decided it was time for an upgrade in the mailbox department. We were headed into town anyway, so we figured we'd stop at Home Depot. We first went out to breakfast at Denny's - yummy. Then we went to Sam's Club to pick up some groceries and printer cartridges. It's amazing how you can rarely leave Sam's Club without spending at least $100!

Anyway, next stop was Home Depot. Scott was ready to pick out all the lumber he would need to make a nice wooden mailbox stand. Then I thought, "I wonder if they have pre-made mailbox stands." He said, "Maybe, let's check it out." Lo and behold, I was right! We got the stand and the metal thing to shove in the ground and we were done! I told him I preferred that option to him spending several hours attempting to make something, getting frustrated, and taking it out on me. (hmmm... that never happens, right?) He agreed this was the better choice.

Then we went to a movie - Failure to Launch. It was quite funny and it was nice since we rarely go out to movies. We had a nice time and then went home. Scott got the mailbox up and it looks great! Hopefully we won't have the disappearing mailbox problem again anytime soon. Plus, this just looks so much better than the metal post stuck into 3 cinderblocks.

Well, I guess that's all. I am now spending my evening working on Creative Memories stuff, and hopefully meeting with someone who may join my team. And since I slept in this morning, I'm sure I'll end up staying up later than I should and regret it in the morning...